Jonathan Langran, photographer

Jonathan Langran

Photographer Jonathan Langran was born in Dublin in 1949, spending his early years in Cornwall and London.

He attended Newport College of Art Film School and has carried a camera ever since.

In the late 1960's he travelled to Paris, Rome and Morocco. On his return to Ireland he took various jobs, including assistant cameraman for a wildlife film company.

Back in Britain in the mid-1970s he became a marginal film maker, living on grants, hanging out at the London Film Coop.

During the 1980s Jonathan worked as a lecturer in automotive engineering. He consistently used photography in his teaching.

He has made trips to Europe, Sweden, USA, France, Cuba and China taking photographs of people and street life.

Jonathan currently lives in London, where he photographs friends and family, rugby games and London life.


King of the World:

Delicate Flower:

Gloucester Road Groove :